Swiss quality, Italian creativity

We use selected ingredients, Italian creativity, and a typically Swiss attention to quality. We create and produce unique and tasty fruit specialties, for expert customers and connoisseurs.



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We are the leading company in the production of customised products for the food field and sophisticated fruit specialties of the Canton of Ticino. Swiss quality is a crucial element of our success as well as the careful selection of the best fruits and the preparation of all the recipes, as we seek to excel every day in our work.

The range of


The wide variety of Sandro Vanini products ranges from sweet to spicy, satisfying all tastes, even those of the most demanding consumers. From chopped mostarda purée, from natural chestnuts to Marrons Glacés as well as candied fruit, grated citrus peel and many others.

Marrons Glacés and Chestnut Purée are part of our most classic selection and are a favourite of gourmet consumers. A refined and delicious delicacy, with a sweet and decisive taste for a unique pleasure!

Key ingredients that everyone should have in the pantry: grated citrus peels and candied fruit are versatile both at home and for bakeries, perfect for enriching all recipes. They can be used as a garnish or to be placed inside preparations, creating exquisite, cheerful, and imaginative desserts.

Our Mostarda Purée or Fruit Mostarda are so versatile that they are loved by all consumers. A delicious ingredient to accompany and make many recipes unique, from the most classic combinations to the most daring ones such as cheeses, salami, meat but also fish, vegetables and why not desserts!



Sandro Vanini products
bring Ticino, the sunniest canton in Switzerland, to the tables of connoisseurs.

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Sandro Vanini collaborators

The great success of Sandro Vanini comes from the passion of the people who work with us. As experienced professionals of this field, we work in the Swiss style, paying attention to the selection of raw materials and the quality of our products.

We believe that the great excellence of our products also derives from the value that each of our collaborators puts in Sandro Vanini.


We are inspired every day to look beyond, to pay attention to the people working with us, to the society, to the environment that surrounds us, but not just that.
We commit ourselves every day, with passion and responsibility, to initiatives aimed at improving working conditions and the transparency of competition in the global market, through communication and awareness activities but also with our everyday actions.
Furthermore, we promote and enhance our area, the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland, which inspires us every day in the preparation of our products.