Success Story: Sandro Vanini & S-GE

2017 was a challenging year for fig farmers in the Northern Hemisphere. Sandro Vanini had to seek new solutions. S-GE provided us with valuable support!

Beatrice Fasana, Managing Director of Sandro Vanini, shares her journey to Brazil, organized by S-GE. After visiting seven farms, she found a new supplier, thus creating a second supply chain.

The challenges? Finding a quick solution and managing the additional workload. But thanks to S-GE, we established a win-win situation!

To succeed abroad, it is essential to leverage internal and external knowledge, and the collaboration with S-GE has been a success!

To learn more, you can read the article on: Sandro Vanini AG: Sandro Vanini AG: Neue Lieferkette in Rekordzeit – neue Märkte für die Zukunft S-GE