Mostarda Purèe

Orange mostarda purée

Jar of 60ml 200ml

The orange mostarda purée, with its sweet and spicy taste with a hint of bitterness, is perfect to combine with fish and shellfish, with meat such as duck or it can also enrich vegetable-based dishes.
Mostarda purée is not only tasty combined with dishes after cooking, but it is ideal for use in your recipes, try spreading a layer of orange mostarda purée on the duck or salmon before cooking it in the oven. You will get a crunchy sweet and fruity crust that will give your dishes a unique flavour.

Ingredients: candied orange peel purée ( 50%) (50% orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, water, glucose syrup, vinegar, mustard flavour, pepper, salt, sodium metabisulfite.


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