Mostarda Purèe

Mostarda purée trio

Jar of 3x60ml

A tasting set consisting of three varieties of mostarda purées perfect for trying and savouring different flavours.
Among the combinations we suggest the Fig mostarda purée with cheeses, meats and salads, the Pineapple and Curry mostarda purée is perfect paired with meat and charcuterie, and the pear mostarda purée is great with creamy or blue cheeses.

Ingredients: candied fig purée ( 50%) (50% figs, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, water, glucose syrup, pectin, vinegar, mustard flavour, pepper, salt, sodium metabisulfite

Mustard-flavoured sauce of candied pineapples with curry.

Ingredients: 75% candied pineapple purée (sugar, glucose syrup, pineapple, water), sugar, water, glucose syrup, 2% curry (contains 4% mustard powder), 0.1%mustard flavour.

Mustard-flavoured purée of candied and homogenized pears.

Ingredients: candied pear purée ( 39%) (50% pears, sugar, glucose syrup), sugar, water, glucose syrup, pear purée (3.5%), pectin, mustard flavour, sodium metabisulfite.

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