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Marrons glacés – Gift Box

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Our marrons glacés are produced according to the traditional artisan recipe of Grandfather Vittorio Vanini and were first introduced in Switzerland in 1904 by his son Giuseppe Vanini. Even today we follow the same recipe while maintaining the company’s high-quality standards.

Only the best chestnuts can become glacés: after peeling they are slowly steamed. Once ready they are candied for several days in a sugar-based solution; then checked one by one, before coating with a light icing.

Thanks to the careful packaging, in trays with a protective atmosphere, the sweet taste and natural softness of freshly glazed chestnuts remains unaltered.

Marrons glacés follow careful and meticulous production techniques, allowing us to offer products of the highest Swiss quality in an elegant gift box.


Ingredients: chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavours.


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