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Maraschino cocktail cherries

Jar 250gr 580gr

Cocktail cherries are special caramelised cherries which, thanks to the candying process used, give the fruits their typical bright red colour. The maraschino aroma enriches the sweet and fruity flavour of the cherries and makes them ideal for decorating cocktails and long drinks.


The cocktail cherries are also versatile and perfect for enriching all preparations: they can be used as decoration or as an ingredient in various recipes. From the classic cakes and doughnuts to the most special muffins and cupcakes, from tarts to biscuits, wherever you want to add a touch of colour and flavour!



Ingredients: cherries (preservatives : sulfur dioxid) sugar, water, flavour, acidifier: E330, E296, colouring agent: E127.


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