Fruit mostarda

Extra Strong Fruit Mostarda

Jar of 500 gr

Sandro Vanini Fruit Mostarda is prepared following the traditional recipe with carefully selected fresh fruit and spicy mostarda oil, to create a sophisticated side dish.
The manufacturing consists in the selection of fruit with the prevalence of citrus fruits (oranges and clementines) to preserve a greater spiciness, which are then washed, peeled, cut into small pieces, and steamed.
Sandro Vanini’s expert candying masters immerse the selected fruits in a sugar syrup for a maximum period of twelve days. During this period, the sugar solution replaces the water inside the fruit, which is candied.
Subsequently, extra strong mostarda syrup is added to the candied fruit, which gives this Fruit Mostarda its unique and unmistakable strong flavour with a sharp contrast between sweet and spicy.
Ideal not only with cheeses and boiled meat, but also as a pairing for game and roasts.


Ingredients: candied fruits and brassicaceae (60%) (sugar, glucose syrup, peaches, pears, apricots, oranges, cherries, brassicaceae, clementines, figs in various proportions colouring agents: E120), sugar, water, glucose syrup, flavour, sodium metabisulfite.


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