Special presents

D’alpine pasture

Rectangular basket 23×15 cm

A basket reflecting Ticino’s gastronomic tradition and culture. Delicious Sandro Vanini products to go with the precious Alp cheese AOP from Ticino (Val Leventina 2,050 m above sea level). A cheese, sweet and rich in intense aromas, which owes its unique character to mountain herbs and a long maturation period. A basket capable of uniting two masters of Ticino flavour.



Alp cheese AOP from Ticino (around 200 gr)

Box of Marrons Glacés (6 pz, 108 gr)

Quince mostarda purée (200 ml)

Fruit Mostarda (500 gr)

Mostarda purée Trio (60 ml, green fig/curry-pineapple/pear)

Sandro Vanini Boccalino



CHF 56.00 MwSt inkl./TVA incluse/IVA incl./VAT included

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