Easter in Switzerland: traditions & brunch ideas

Easter is a very popular holiday in Switzerland, with old traditions and new customs.

One of the most loved traditions, especially by children, is undoubtedly that of the the Easter bunny (or hare in German) bringing eggs. The story of the Easter bunny is thought to have originated around the 19th century. Rabbits usually produce large litters, which make them a symbol of new life and family values.

Another tradition, typical of the German-speaking part of Switzerland, is ‘Eiertütschen’ (egg smashing): each player holds a hard-boiled egg (which has usually been dyed) and tries to break the opponent’s egg. The winner is whoever manages to crack all of their rival’s shells.

In Zurich, a traditional Easter game is the “Zwänzgerle” (20-cent coin throwing). This custom dates back to the 18th century and involves adults throwing 20-cent coins at eggs held by children: if the coin gets stuck, the adult wins both the egg and the coin, but given the difficulty of the task, it’s almost always the little ones who win the fallen coins!

The Easter bruch is undoubtedly a classic Swiss Easter tradition. A soft plaited loaf with a fragrant buttery aroma and a few chocolate bunnies for those with a sweet tooth are a must before the Easter egg hunt. Sandro Vanini’s products are a perfect complement for your Easter brunch, with a special pairing between our apricot, green fig and quince mustard pureés with brie and gruyere cheese to enrich your table.